Frozen Splendor

Everyone has favorite vacation spots. For those that like to change it up a bit, there are are exciting activities to provide life changing thrills and adventures. If one [...]

Keep Your Promises

It’s a brand new year, and most have made promises, resolutions, decisions, promises, pledges and vows to change something. One most common commitment involves travel. Consider traveling more, farther [...]

Visit Iceland

Iceland was booming until 2009 when the economy fell apart. The  fallout caused shrinking bank accounts, high interest rates and a lack of funds to import foods from around [...]

Packing Information

Packing is everyone’s nightmare.  Packing the night before usually assures me that something important may be left behind.  Sadly it is either unavailable or very expensive. If you are [...]

It’s a great time to visit the National Parks

It’s a great time to visit the National Parks as the Service celebrates 100 years! According to the National Park service, there is no place like Bryce Canyon. Hoodoos [...]

Change it up

While the same daily routine can be comforting, a change can also bring new perspective, excitement and efficiency.  Using the same exercises daily, the body eventually adapts and plateaus [...]

Carry it with you

It’s pretty small, lightweight and doesn’t take much space. Tissues, don’t leave home without them. I used to laugh at the Grandmother bag, pockets or sleeves overflowing with tissues.  [...]

Worth the Fall

It might be a long way to travel, but the Fallen Angel in Cusco is worth the visit.  Whether hiking or riding up Machu Picchu, lift your spirit before [...]

Why bother traveling?

I thought everyone traveled. After spending much of my life planning trips, getting to far away places and talking about traveling, I realized that’s not true.  Many people have [...]

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