No. Airlines will not allow tickets to be transferred to another name. If you are unable to travel, you may be able to obtain a refund on your ticket. Please refer to your documentation for cancellation conditions.
We recommend that you arrive at the airport no later than three hours before an long haul flight and two hours before short haul or domestic flights.

This is to allow time to clear security and immigration.

Where possible, checking in online on your airline’s website 24 hours before your flight should reduce waiting time at the airport.

Baggage allowances vary depending on the airline you are flying with and where you are flying from and to.

You may be able to check your baggage allowance on your MYSTA online account.

You can also check on the airline’s website for general information about baggage allowance.

With their training — and being well-traveled themselves — good travel advisers can offer you options you might not have considered.  Many travel agencies have consolidated and banded together into large consortia affording them money-saving connections that are passed on to you.  They are able to secure hotel upgrades, rooms with special views and other extra amenities like complimentary breakfasts. Aside from saving your precious time, they offer a safety net incase something goes wrong.
Although you can book a trip yourself, but it may not be the same trip that you’d get through a travel agent.

We make a point of knowing the general manager of the hotel where our clients might be staying and call the GM the night before to see if they might be upgraded. Advisors are especially useful on specialized trips, whether it’s a honeymoon, a cruise or an adventure travel vacation.

Sometimes it seems that you can get a cheaper rate. It’s not what you pay walking in the door, it’s what you pay when you leave.  These are much more than niceties. The value can add up quickly when the hotel in question is charging $25 or much more per person for breakfast or hundreds of dollars more per night for a larger room category. Adventure Travel, we are often able to better the price that you find on your own and pass savings to you.
Travel agents get paid on commission by hotels, airlines and resorts, but many more are charging fees on top of that because of their time. Putting together an itinerary, particularly one involving a complicated trip, like a safari, or booking multiple tickets and transfers for an extended family vacation, is a lot of work. Charging a fee is a bit of insurance for all of the time and effort put into creating an itinerary in the event that a client ends up canceling.