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Antarctica or the South Pole is also the fifth largest continent. It is roughly circular shape with a long peninsula stretching to South America. There are two large indentations, the Ross and Weddell seas and their ice shelves.

The total surface area is about 14.2 million sq km (5.5 million square miles) in summer, approximately twice the size of Australia, half as big again as the USA and fifty times the size of the UK.

In the winter Antarctica doubles in size due to the sea ice that forms around the coasts. The true boundary of Antarctica is not the coastline of the continent itself or the outlying islands, but the Antarctic Convergence.

Antarctica: Penguins at the Halfway-House


You are probably thinking: what in the world am I going to do there?
Well let me tell you that there are so many misconceptions about Antarctica. There are things that you can only do there. And don’t worry about the cold; it’s not as cold as you think it is, well at least during the summer period.

  • Meet Happy Feet
    Not many places in the world give you a chance to get close and personal with the penguins.
  • Kayaking and Camping
    Yes, Camping in Antarctica. Although a bit pricy, it’s worth it, especially for those of you who enjoy it.
  • Take a Zodiac Cruise
    A zodiac is a small boat where roughly 8-12 people are able to be taken inside some of the smaller passageways in Antarctica. You will be able to see icebergs up close and personal and if you are lucky, many different types of seals including leopard seals.