Project Description

Located off the west coast of England and Wales, Island of Ireland is home to the Republic of Ireland. The capital of the republic is its eastern city Dublin, birthplace of writers and home of Guinness Beer. Ancient castles and rolling green hills are scattered across the country. Ireland is also nicknamed the “Emerald Isle”.

Most of you probably heard about what Ireland offers: clover fields, gabby locals etc. But Ireland has much more to offer then its stereotypical charms.
Here are some things to do in Ireland for first-timers:

  1. Dublin
    A place for any bookworm. You can browse books, letter and manuscripts in the Georgian mansion home of the Dublin Writers Museum. Visit the Old Library of Trinity College.
  2. Killarney National Park
    If you love mountains, lakes and woodlands then this is a place for you. This park is rich in wildlife. It is spread across 10,236 hectares and it is a home to Ireland’s only remaining wild herd of native red deer.ireland2a
  3. Galway City
    Situated on Ireland’s west coast this college town, lacking in sightseeing, offers a great atmosphere and vibrant night life. It’s a must visit place for outgoing folk and youngsters.
  4. The Rock of Cashel
    It is more than a mere rock. This monument was a symbol of power and the seat of kings for more than 1000 years. It is a historic treasure of ancient religious structures. History lovers among you will find their holy grail here.Ireland1a
  5. Bru Na Boinne
    Older than Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids, designed during the Stone Age in c 3200 BC. This amazing necropolis includes a chamber that floods with sunlight on the winter solstice. Tickets are drawn by lottery, so only a lucky few can experience this annual event. But don’t worry because a recreation is being done all year long.

History lover, nature lover or a beer lover; everyone has something to enjoy in Ireland.